Keeping cool. Wood fibre insulation keeps you cool too!

Yikes, it’s hot today! If only there was an eco friendly way of keeping your home nice and cool. Oh wait, hang on…

Did you know that we spend on average ninety percent of our lives in enclosed spaces? Our indoor environment is therefore very important and on days like to today it’s very hard to enjoy your home when you’re flopping around in the heat. Wood fibre insulation not only naturally keeps your home nice and snug in the winter, but it also is a god-send on days like these as their amazing thermal mass properties store excess solar heat for up to 12 hours, after which the air is released and can be extracted with the through draft of open windows. This leaves your home many degrees cooler than if the home had lightweight insulation. No need for those pesky, loud fans or air conditioning units!

The high density of wood fibre also means a great deal less noise from airborne and impact sound, so from talking, airplanes, moving furniture, footsteps, traffic. Imagine that, peace at last. Great for someone if like me, you notice every siren, dog bark or car honking.

Wood fibre is also very breathable, airtight, and of course, sustainable.

We at Urbane Eco use and supply wood fibre from Pavatex. Please call for more details!