Blog: Why is sustainable build so important?

Many of us at least have an inkling that sustainable build and design is important, but it may be eye opening to understand quite how much.

What is sustainable build?

Put simply, it is ensuring that buildings are designed and built, and existing buildings altered, in such a way that means occupying the building will create less of a destructive impact on the environment, and also hopefully provide a kinder environment for the health and well being of the occupants. Some of the many ways of doing this include insulating the building well, ensuring air-tightness, using materials that create thermal mass, using green and sustainable materials, and making the best use of natural light.

Why is sustainable build so important?

According to statistics provided by the United Nations Environment Programme, buildings are responsible for almost 50 percent of the world’s energy output-

  • 40% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 25% of the earth’s potable water
  • over 20% of all solid waste generated

As you can see these are rather shocking statistics, and why we here at Urbane Eco, and many others, are making concerted efforts to contribute to the promotion and implementation of sustainable design and build here in Bristol and beyond. Our hope is that we can, in some small way, help leave our beautiful planet in a fit state for all future generations.