Care and maintenance for external wall insulation systems

If you’ve had external wall¬†insulation installed, there are a few things to be aware of to avoid any issues or damage.

1. Avoid impact on the surface of the wall.

2. Avoid penetration of the render. If essential for fixings, make sure fixing is sealed and waterproof. If using ladders please use ladder boards for protection of walls as necessary.

3. Avoid growing creeping plants on the surface of the render, unless supported by trellis.

4. Every twelve months, inspect for weathertightness on window and door reveals and any penetrations of the render by soil and waste pipes, boiler flues, etc. Any issues must be addressed immediately.

5. Every twelve months, inspect guttering and rainwater pipes to ensure there are no blockages or leakage. Any issues must be addressed immediately.

6. Your render system should not require painting for at least ten years. If you decide to paint, please ensure to use compatible masonry paint.

7. If damage does occur to the render system, please ensure remedial works are undertaken by suitably qualified and accredited tradesmen.

8. If cleaning of the render is necessary, please use water in the first instance, followed by a mild detergent solution if necessary, followed with rinsing with clean water.

9. If scaffolding is to be used for home maintenance at a later date, please ensure scaffolders are aware to refrain from damaging the render system.

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