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Insulation and sustainable building specialists, retrofitting your home with a ‘whole house’ approach. Have a look at the different services we offer below, but please do get in contact with us so we can discuss your project further. Managing Director Nick Lloyd will be able to advise the best options for your property. 

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External wall insulation is a great option for solid wall properties. If you need to re-render your home, it’s worth considering external wall insulation at the same time. The exterior appearance will not change significantly, but you can choose from a wide range of colours for your new render.

Internal wall insulation should be considered if you do not want to change the appearance of the exterior of the property. If your home is in a Conservation area, has special architectural features, or you have decorative brickwork or stonework, internal wall insulation is a good option to look at.

Externally insulating a roof avoids cold bridges through the rafters. The insulation covers the structure of the roof with the roof covering (eg tiles) fitted on top of the insulation. Wood fibre keeps the loft warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Typically it is reckoned you lose 13-15% heat through the floor. With a suspended timber floor, it’s equally or even more important to prevent draughts coming up through the floor. We offer a solution using a breathable membrane taped at overlaps and the perimeter of the room for airtightness.

When installing solid wall insulation, it’s important to evaluate the performance of the existing windows and doors. If they are leaking air and single glazed, it’s desirable to replace them before the wall insulation is installed.

At Urbane Eco we have been attending trainings for the past 8 years to learn about the retrofit agenda. Retrofit is always best viewed from a holistic perspective. Each energy saving measure installed should work sympathetically with the overall scheme. Also, it helps to prioritise what measure is best value for money. 

If you are looking to increase your living space and add value to your house, a loft conversion is a great option. We use natural materials to create a healthy and comfortable space.

Eco friendly building work, including extensions

The Passive House standard is a rigorous standard for energy efficiency in buildings. The aim is to produce a very low energy building which needs little in the way of heating or cooling.

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