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Warm roof systems

0warm roof

Externally insulating a roof avoids cold bridges through the rafters. The insulation covers the structure of the roof with the roof covering (eg tiles) fitted on top of the insulation. Wood fibre keeps the loft warm in winter and cooler in summer. For more about warm roof construction, have a look at ‘What is a warm roof?’ 

Warm roof project completed in Bath, October 2015.

Customer comments: “We just wanted to say a very big thank you for all your help with the work we’ve had done on our house. Things have gone really well and we’re really pleased with the end result. You have a great team of people… “

Winter: “The warm roof is definitely working well. The loft rooms feel really comfortable and we had a lovely layer of thick frost all over our roof this morning, for the first time ever…”

Summer: “Just wanted to let you know how well the warm roof system is performing with this lovely hot weather we are having.  The loft rooms are warm, but not getting too hot at all which is a huge improvement.”

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