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Internal wall insulation

Internal wall insulation is for those homes where your house may be in a Conservation Area or you may have decorative brick or stonework. If you own a period property or your home has special architectural features, we look at the option of Internal Wall Insulation.


Another solution is called ‘Hybrid’, where we offer a mixture of External and Internal Insulation to suit your particular house.

Internal Wall Insulation is perfect for the upgrade of solid wall properties, where – due to the nature of the building – external wall insulation is either not possible or desirable.

Breathable Solutions

Urbane Eco can source a range of sustainable internal wall insulation, which is breathable – helping to make the fabric of your home a warmer, safer, healthier and cheaper place to live. At Urbane, we consider it is particularly important with internal insulation to use a system designed to cope with the amount of moisture generated by human habitation.

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Our approach to Internal Wall Insulation

  • The first step is to remove all the internal fixtures and fittings from your walls, sockets, skirting boards and light switches.
  • Then the chosen insulation material is fixed to the internal wall.
  • Once fitted, walls are finished according to the system used, ready for decoration.
  • As well as the obvious benefits of making your home a warmer place to live, internal wall insulation is also ideal for those looking to redecorate and renovate their homes.
  • The process doesn’t alter the appearance of outside walls, with minimal encroachment of internal space. This is a small price to pay for improved levels of comfort and reductions to your annual fuel bills.

Your home will receive a survey before any work begins, to make sure the property is suitable.

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