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External wall insulation

Homes built before 1930 are built with one solid wall, which means that they let out lots of heat, making your home inefficient and expensive to run. Here at Urbane Eco we can source a range of External Wall Insulation systems,  helping to make of your home a warmer, safer and more economical place to live.


Why choose external wall insulation?

Ideally, externally insulated walls are preferable to internal wall insulation. Firstly, the system performs better because it acts like a tea cosy and holds the heat in the walls of your house. Secondly, it’s easier to avoid thermal bridging (heat loss through uninsulated areas). Thirdly, the issues of interstitial condensation are not nearly as problematic as with internal insulation.

If you’re having to re-render the outside of your house in any way, you may as well consider the option of insulating it at the same time. If more than 50% of the render has to be hacked off as part of renovation, building regulations advise that the performance of the wall should be improved, by adding insulation. We can advise the best insulation material to use, based on a survey of your property.

Our Approach

  • The first step is to remove all the ‘building furniture’ from your walls, i.e. satellite dishes, aerials and vents.
  • Then the chosen insulation material is fixed to the outside of your wall and is coated with reinforced render.
  • A decorative finish is rendered on top. This gives your outside walls weather-proofing at the same time as giving it a long lasting decorative finish.
  • The ‘building furniture’ is refitted.
  • Externally insulating walls will mean you use less energy to keep your home warm, and spend less of your money on heating bills plus it will be more comfortable to live in.

Take a look at the systems we offer here: 3 Different External Wall Insulation Systems

Your home will receive a survey before any work begins, to make sure the property is suitable.

External Wall insulation: wood fibre cladding is fixed to the building

Wood fibre cladding

External Wall insulation: image shows wood fibre cladding fixed to the building
External wall insulation: image shows the Carey base coat applied

External wall insulation: Carey base coat

External wall insulation: image shows the Carey base coat applied
External wall insulation study – a home we worked on in 2013

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