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Ecologically sound building materials Welcome to the Urbane Eco store


ETA and BBA approved materials

Whether you are building a new home or insulating and refurbishing an older property, our range of eco-friendly wood fibre insulation systems, lime based render systems and air tightness systems will help you to get the most out of your project.

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Wood fibre insulation for external walls

Diffutherm wood fibre croppedPavatex Diffutherm wood fibre boards for external wall insulation.

Product details and technical data

Wood fibre insulation for internal walls

PAVADENTRO Pavatex Pavadentro wood fibre boards for internal wall insulation

Product details and technical data

Wood fibre insulation for walls and roofs

Pavatherm-combiPavatex Pavatherm-Combi boards for wall or roof insulation

Product details and technical data

Wood flex insulation for roof, wall or floor

Pavatex Pavaflex for use in warm roof systems, wall or floor insulation

Product details and technical data

ADB Breathable Membrane

Pavatex ADB MembranePavatex ADB Breathable Membrane, suitable for vapour open roof and wall systems.

Product information

LDB Retrofit Membrane

Pavatex LDB MembranePavatex LDB 0.02 retrofit membrane, suitable for existing roof and wall retrofit from outside.

Product information

Adhesive or base coat for EWI

img_358Mapei Mapetherm AR1GG in white or grey. Use as an adhesive or as a base coat during installation of external wall insulation.

Data sheet


Lime bonding render and plaster  

p1000247Baumit MC55 W lime bonding render and plaster recommended for use with wood fibre boards.

Product information

Breathable lime finish plaster and render

P1000248Baumit Kalkin RK 70 N breathable lime finish plaster for use with wood fibre internally.

Product information


Very fine lime finishing plaster

Baumit Kalkin Glatt
Baumit Kalkin Glatt W very fine lime finishing plaster for use internally. Breathable. 

Product information

Mesh wing corner beads

p1000404Mesh wing corner beads for external wall insulation. PVC bead with a blue mesh.

Glass fibre reinforcing mesh

img_3594Mapei Mapetherm mesh – alkali resistant glass fibre mesh for use in external wall insulation.


Complete systems and ancillaries

We can offer complete insulation systems; including beads and mesh, flashings for verge and fascia, window sill flashings, renders and tops coats.

We can also offer training and advice, so please get in touch! 0117 9098090 or Contact us

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