What is a warm roof?


A warm roof is a construction where insulation is fitted above (or below) and in between the rafters. This can either be done from the outside, if the roof is being refurbished, or from the inside if the room is being refurbished. We prefer this type of roof construction as opposed to a cold roof construction, as the way we design a warm roof and the products we use mean it is breathable, allowing moisture to escape and preventing damp and decay. An intelligent membrane is fitted to achieve airtightness whilst allowing moisture to pass through.


Heat is better conserved within the house, it’s easier to achieve airtightness and you do not need to ventilate the roof space as you do with a cold roof. A warm roof is particularly desirable if you have a loft conversion and regularly use the attic rooms.


Urbane Eco use wood fibre insulation which keeps the attic warm in winter and cooler in summer. Overheating can be a problem in attic rooms due to heat rising from the house and also due to solar gains, but this issue significantly reduced by using wood fibre (and the benefit of its thermal mass).

If you are already thinking about having a loft conversion, a warm roof system can be installed at the same time.


Author: Phoebe Westwood