Wood fibre external wall insulation in Easton

This house is a 1900 solid wall mid-terrace. The solid walls were allowing a lot of heat to escape, making the house inefficient and expensive to heat.

before together


We installed 100mm of Diffutherm wood fibre external wall insulation with reinforced render to the rear elevation. Wood fibre has excellent thermal insulation performance while also having good thermal mass, meaning heat is held in the walls rather than escaping. The insulation is breathable and helps to keep humidity levels at healthy levels in the home. Wood fibre is also an environmentally friendly product, using comparatively low energy in its manufacture, and being primarily made from waste wood from saw mills.

The customer commented:

‘When the heating is on, the difference is mainly when sitting close to external walls – they used to make you feel cold, even when the air temperature in the room was reasonable. Condensation on walls, which was considerable in certain parts of the house, is hardly a problem now.

When the heating is off, the house takes much longer to cool down, and feels comfortable for much longer. This is a huge difference, as it means that sitting at a desk when the heating is off doesn’t require two jumpers and a duvet…’

Photos of the finished job:


Here we extended the roof:





Detail of the polystyrene sill we use (this prevents a cold bridge):
Sill detail